Fast-Growing Trees

We sell Fast-Growing Trees at very low prices

$20 each for 6 ft. tall trees when you buy 5 or more

$30 each for 6 ft. tall trees when you buy just one or less than five

$5 per foot for specialty trees that are taller than 6 ft. and have larger caliper trunks

See details below about our seasonal specialized long cuttings (February – March)


  • Hybrid Poplar
    Our best selling, fastest growing poplar, with huge dinner plate leaves, open shade, medium spreading, open branching, windbreaks, woodlot, firewood (cut and come again), straight trunk, saw logs, paper pulp, ethanol production, clean male clones, no seeds, 100 ft. tall x 40 ft. wide.
  • Androscoggin Hybrid Poplar
    Very fast growing, unusual characteristics, some horizontal spreading branches, large leaves, deep shade, specimen tree, interesting trunk, landscape use, golf course. clean male clone, no seeds, 60 ft. tall x 40 ft. wide.
  • Corkscrew Curly Willow
    Extremely fast growing, nice trunk, curly decorative branches used in crafts and decorations, grows to 30 ft. tall and then spreads to 30 ft.  or more wide.
  • Navajo Globe Willow
    First tree to turn green in the spring, huge round burst of green, shade tree, up to 70 ft. tall x 70 ft. wide.
  • Black Willow
    Loves water, stream banks, wet spots, and even swamps, bluish green lance shaped leaves, huge gnarly decorative trunks and roots, used in bonsai, can stretch tall to compete for sun, can reach over 100 ft. wide by 60 ft.  or more wide.  Called the king of willows.
  • 100 unrooted late-winter cuttings from any of the above listed species, per bundle $50
  • Long Hybrid Poplar cuttings, and how to plant them
    In February and March we harvest some select long cuttings 10 ft. to 15 ft. long that are then slipped into 24 inch or 30 inch or deeper augered holes 1 1/2 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 2 inch, to 3 inch diameter or larger.  In some soft wet soils, deep holes can be created with a long heavy sharp pointed digging bar.  You can also use one of these bars to break rocks and to prepare and clear the way for your earth auger to penetrate.
  • Hybrid Poplar tree cuttings root deeply because they can be easily buried deeper in the water-table and can grow ten feet per year after the first year, very rapidly turning into substantial sized trees.  They usually only require a watering each two weeks after planting so deep.  These long Hybrid Poplar cuttings are offered on a pre-order basis and are limited in number.   Our long cuttings are priced at $15 each, or 10 for $150 in 10-15 ft. lengths.  Contact us for ordering and more information.

To prepare cuttings for planting, you can very lightly scrape the sizes of the bottom 24 inches of the cutting with a sharp knife, barely exposing some of the bright green just under the outer bark.  Then dust with rooting hormone.  Do not scrape hard enough that you go through the green into the white wood underneath.  Cuttings will root without any treatment at all, but many experts feel that the rooting hormone helps.

To drill holes you either need a 110 volt AC generator and a heavy duty drill, or you need a cordless power drill with a spare battery (two batteries), so that one battery can be charging while you are using the other battery.  The larger cordless drills have a lot of torque, which is needed to the deep holes.  The 18 volt drills with a 1/2 inch chuck are usually a little stronger and longer lasting the the small 3/8 inch chuck size.

Of most importance is to understand that you drill the hole in small segments, going down several inches then pulling up to remove the dirt.  If you try to drill to far and fast you wil run the battery down prematurely,l ruin your drill, break the bit, or wrench you wrists.  Just tackle a little at a time.  It helps to drill with a smaller diameter auger, then to increase the size.  The augers that have more spirals of metal fastened to the shaft help get the dirt out of the hole better.  Cheap augers usually will break before you get the job done, but if you gentle with them they can help you get your holes done and get them deeper.

Most of the larger 3 inch augers are for bulb planting and have only a few spiral turns.  The torque is so great you could not hang on to the drill if trying to drill too much too fast.  But a 3 inch auger can help you ream the hole out to a large diameter after it is drilled a smaller diameter to the full depth.  Yet with less spirals it is harder to remove the dirt from the hole.  A very rapid lifting motion can pull soil from the hole.

You can buy and add drill bit extensions and gain another foot of depth.  Be careful to get the right extension because some drills are round shafts and others are hex shafts.  You may also need to use a file and cut flats on your bit where it fits in the drill so that it doesn’t spin.

You can also use a post hole digger to make your holes deep and sufficient diameter.

About Our Trees…

  • Hardy in most poor and alkaline soils in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as most or the other lower 48 states.  Grow well in elevations up to 5,000 ft. with some trees known to do well at 6,000 ft.  elevation, and possibly even higher.  So these higher elevations are certainly worth a try.
  • Local pickup only – no shipping.  We are located near Payson, Utah.  We have customers that come from surrounding states.
  • 6 ft. tall trees potted in one gallon bags will easily fit in most compact cars and vans.  Trees can bend from passenger side floorboard, over back seat, into back window area.
  • Most trees can easily travel in pickup bed.  Leaves should be protected and covered when traveling at higher speeds and longer distances.
  • Larger and longer trees may require a trailer and wrapping or special protection.
  • Order early so that we will have the trees that you want in the quantity you want.  We will reserve them for you.  We usually run out before the end of the season.